No Amount of Caffeine

Man, I am beat. I had an eight-hour day today, which under “normal” circumstances wouldn't be too bad. You'd have a half hour or hour for a lunch, you wouldn't be on your feet all day, you'd be able to step outside for a short walk and just enjoy the weather. Instead I was confined to breathing espresso grinds, waiting on impatient people who have no reason to stop and consider the fact that I'd already been on my feet five, six, or seven hours today, and generally feeling exhausted.

But today was an exceptional Sunday because the major assholes who generally confine their coffee outings to just one day a week seemed few and far between.

But I'm also in a shitty mood because one of my favorite sites to peruse, craigslist, has started to turn into a seller's web site where I can find nothing worth trading or buying unless I've got a spare $200-$1500 for someone's shitty sofa. I haven't seen anything on there for sale by an individual owner for less than fifty bucks in weeks. I don't know what it is about people that makes them think it's okay to ask for half of the original selling price of a ten year-old dresser. “Paid over $1000 six years ago – asking only $600!!” Like that's some sort of a deal.
Then you have the section dedicated to “rants and raves” that's turned into just three people posting jokes and jpegs of stupid cartoons all the time and telling anyone who does post a rant to “lighten up.” It used to be entertaining, and was especially more so before Indianapolis's section of craigslist got to have “regulars” that go by handles.

No amount of caffeine could keep me alert today. Instead of being awake I'm just suffering from a severe case of indigestion, I can't think straight, and I've got the jitters. I think I'm going to lay down.