Kitty Fears

Charlie just said “I really think we should take Douille to the vet,” which made my heart completely stop for a moment and then start beating really fast. My oldest cat, Andouille, will be 10 years old next year, I think. He's been throwing up a lot more than usual lately — more than just the typical hairballs. He's also lost some weight and spends most of his time licking his crotch or sleeping. He doesn't seem to get along with the other cat, but that's nothing new.

I think I've been putting off a vet visit because I'm really worried he has something serious (and they have to put him to sleep), or that he has nothing at all other than Older Kitty Problems and we walk away with a huge bill.

So actually having Charlie admit that he thinks there's something wrong just compounds my anxiety. I keep telling myself, if he's not acting any different, he's not in any pain. It's when his attitude changes that I need to worry, right? Right?


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