Foul Mood

I was convinced I would wake up today and start anew. I thought it happened. But the foul mood from last night has returned for several reasons, including the fact that I got an email from my mom detailing my dad's latest selection of health problems. In addition to the benign tumor on his optic nerve and the Hep C he got when he was, like, 20 years old and didn't discover for decades, he's also got sleep apnea and has to be on an oxygen machine and has a polyp on his colon that he needs a colonoscopy for. I guess he's going to be knocked out for it and my mom will have to be with him all day. So they don't know if it's malignant yet.

Then there's the fact that I couldn't sign on to the campus web site all day and, when I finally did, found out all my assignments have changed, including “skipping” a couple of readings (that I've already finished) because my instructor needs to catch up on her grading. So, she said, this week is a “free week” for us. Except I've been sweating this whole week waiting for her to post the discussion questions.

Then I found out there's more secretive, shitty B.S. going on at work with people who don't know how to keep their huge mouths shut and gossip has gotten around the entire neighborhood about a former employee who may or may not be considering trying to sue the company for defamation of character or something . . .

I don't want to go to bed and just start all over tomorrow, but I'm considering it.


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