Lazy, Lazy

My lazy literature instructor has yet to post discussion board questions for this week. And it's one in the afternoon on Thursday. The answers are due by Sunday evening and her last email to the class said we could expect the questions to be posted on Wednesday. Also that she will “probably not” extend the deadline. I'm now four readings ahead of the class and have completely stopped opening my textbook since I'm not likely to remember much from Oedipus the King if I'm already up to Aristophanes.
She also posted some really bitchy comments on people's answers from last week and pointed me out as the example to use as far as what she was looking for. So, for the second time she's called me out but still grades everyone else to an apparently far different scale. If I'm writing what she's looking for, and the rest of the class is posting summaries of the reading, not going in to much depth, and rarely actually answering her questions, then the class average shouldn't be very close to the points awarded to my assignments.

I'm just sayin' . . .


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