Bad Semester, Bad!

I was all my proud of myself upon our return from a Target run yesterday: I'd completed an online surprise quiz for world civilization, posted my summary questions of Agamemnon, and was prepared to take the Agamemnon quiz but it wasn't up yet. Then I realized I needed to stop patting myself on the back because I still haven't started my four-page paper on Gilgamesh yet. So I wrote that while Charlie watched “Syriana.” It ended up being a lot easier than I'd thought and I had a total of 7 pages. Then as I'm looking through the syllabus to see where I need to send the paper I see this note: “All papers must be accompanied by a handwritten rough-draft, no exceptions. Without the draft papers will not be graded and there are no re-writes.”
So I went back and “wrote” my “rough draft,” thinking all the while how ridiculous that was.

It's not due till next Sunday but I'm scheduled to close the next three nights, have six hours of classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have to open both Friday and Saturday. Plus, Saturday night is a friend's birthday party and Charlie has a game in Cincinnati so I'm going to have to work out taking care of the dogs with Cavan – if he'll even be around.

So today I go to campus early to return yet another wrong textbook and go to my math class. Upon leaving I decided to go straight to my advisor's office since it was just three doors down, only to find it's “too late” to take my biology course online, and I can't drop one and add another unless I take it with the same instructor. My options? Take it on Thursday mornings at 8am until noon (got math 9:30-11) or Friday mornings from 10am to 2pm. Sigh.

In childish frustration I just left, got in my car, and came home. I really cannot focus in school from eight in the morning till almost three in the afternoon with just two ten-minute breaks in between that also have to allow travel time between buildings. So I wrote my instructor to see if he had any ideas. My best guess is that he'll perhaps give me a little extra time, tell me to f–k off, or suggest I take the Friday class. Except my schedule's already made out at work for the next two weeks and I'm there at 7am both days.

This has turned out to be one of my most difficult semesters, ever. I was more than ready to dive back into classes but now I'm feeling frustrated, irritable, annoyed, you name it. Nothing seems to have gone smoothly and I'm still stuck trying to manage eating enough not to pass out .

I guess we'll see how it goes.


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