Questiong Life's Purpose

Even though I switched to a different email account about a year ago, I still occasionally check my old Hotmail account, just in case some mailing list I signed up for needs to be switched over or unsubscribed-to, or if someone mistakenly wrote me there.
I sign in once in a while and delete all my junk, wondering if I have the willpower to stop using it for 30 days so the account will just go away.
I just checked it a few moments ago and when I signed out, MSN presented me with an article that piqued my curiosity “Man lived to 112 on sausage-and-waffles diet: ‘We often find it is in the genes rather than lifestyle,’ says expert.”

Then I noticed, in the middle of the article, and about the time I was getting really bored with it, there was an option to read and comment on it in a message board.
“How odd,” I thought. Why in the world does MSN have message boards for these silly little human-interest stories?
And because I was bored with the article I clicked on that link. It's true. “Guys: Know Her Shameful Body Secrets.” “Gals: The 10 Things Your Man Lies About.” They're always dipshit articles, but sometimes I'll bite.

I only read the first few messages but noticed two common themes: 1.) People were whole-heartedly buying the it's-in-the-genes-not-the-way-you-eat segment and promising to eat more waffles and sausage — obviously they almost got the point, but not quite. 2.) Apparently the 112 year-old man never had children, which people attributed to his long life. One submitter noted: “No kids = long life = but forgotten,” and several others agreed less succinctly.

I was just curious is this is true of the way most people think. If you don't breed, do they believe you will be forgotten forever? Whatever happened to doing something with your life? If I want to be remembered for something I did, I would hope it would be finding the cure for some disease, ending world hunger, winning an Oscar, a Pulitzer, a Peabody, whatever . . . or at the very least, being some source of pleasure or amusement to the people who knew me. Not because I happen to have a vagina, happened to be fertile, and happened to give birth.

Now, this is not meant as any kind of offense to my friends who have kids. For anyone who wants strictly to get married/have a family/whatever situation you prefer – I'm not saying there's something wrong with that. It's a personal matter. And therefore not one to assume everyone shares.


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