When you have “something else” going on in your life at any point, besides just work or school or your primary activity (such as staying home with your kids), you generally have more to chat about. Having a hobby or an art or something stimulating in some way. Of course, even stay-at-home moms who spend 24 hours a say with their kids have the ability to be more philosophical or intellectually stimulating than I happen to be.

Some people really enjoy staying busy all the time. When they're more active they have more to chat about and are energized by the activity (Charlie). I, on the other hand, lose steam easily. The more I sit around and read about history or literature or do math problems, the more I find myself juggling work and school, and the more running around I do in my free time for groceries, dog food, and housecleaning, the less inclined I am to feel inspired or motivated.

I think I'm disappointed that I seem unable to take something more meaningful from my classes and share it with you. It's not that I'm not learning, and not that I don't want to share. I just seem not to have that wonderful ability some people are blessed with: being able to simply, clearly, and efficiently summarize in an interesting way.

I do, however, enjoy saying Çatalhöyük, a word I learned during my first semester at Herron, in art history. The instructor was very adamant about the spelling and pronunciation of our ancestors' “first” (discovered as of now, anyway) city. I liked to walk around the house saying it over and over: Çatalhöyük! Çatalhöyük! (It's pronounced “shah-tall hoy-yuck” with a really hard, phlegmy h sound.) This was how I knew I wanted to write my first essay on that city for my current history course – because I found myself walking around the house saying it again today. That must be worth something, right? We'll see.


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