Puff, Puff, Give Up

Shawn is an employee at IUPUI and posted something on his blog about the tobacco-free policy at the school recently. I commented to him about it but I guess I'm not done with the subject since here we are.
I have to admit that I agree with him. Smokers are going to find ways around the rules whenever possible. We're evil, dirty, foul creatures who will stop at nothing to get our fix.
When I first heard IUPUI was going smoke-free I though “Oh, no,” because I was going to have to hide in my car. Then I heard you can't smoke anywhere on campus, including your own car in a parking lot. Now this pissed me off. If I'm not tossing cigarette butts all over the parking lot why can't I just have one on my car?
I also thought of all the people who were going to be walking to an adjacent sidewalk and puffing away, which I knew was going to piss off a lot of nonsmokers. But how can you solve that? How are people going to be punished if they break the rules?

To be completely honest, and please don't tell this to the people who created the policy, this just may be the push I need to quit. When I return to IUPUI I'll probably do one of three things: quit smoking altogether (yeah, right); end up on Michigan with everyone else and pissing off the nonsmokers, going out of my way and finding myself late for a class; or I'll do something really pathetic like organize my class schedule in such a way as to afford me the time to puff away. That's really sad.

But who knows, maybe I'll be able to quit before then. I guess only time and motivation will tell.


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