Little Miss Sunshine

I wouldn’t say I’m above par but I definitely have gotten back into the swing of things after only a week of classes. I’ve already taken two quizzes, made all the stupid online introductions instructors seem to require of you (remind me later to save a generic bio in Word to copy-and-paste in discussion boards for future online classes), and I’ve managed to get all the books I need.
Mind you, the total cost ended up being somewhere around a rent payment, which is appalling, but it’s done and I can’t go back. I paid out-of-pocket (ouch, seriously, but at least it was spread out over a couple of months). The upside is that I’ll get more back in financial aid since I didn’t take out a book loan.

I also had a tattoo touched up today. It was my first work-over-another-work and it was free! Yay for touch-ups. It looks a ton better, although I regret having gotten the tattoo so small. Sometimes I wish tattoos weren’t quite so permanent so I could just sort of Etch-A-Sketch-out and start all over again. It’s not that I don’t really like the ones I have; it’s just that they’re all in places where I want to get OTHER tattoos. It’s sort of like eating too much at dinner and then looking at dessert. I think “Oh, I sure would like to have that but there’s already something there!”
Now it’s time to start working on some new ones. If only I could figure out a new place to start getting worked on. I’m a little nervous about the idea of sleeves, even though I basically kind of started one. It’s like me and polo shirts: I couldn’t look more butch if I tried. Throw in some upper arm tattoos and I might as well have a mullet and start dating k.d. lang.

I almost went to the movies by myself tonight. I wanted to see “Little Miss Sunshine” but I really did have too much homework to skip out for two hours. I want to see it partly because I desperately love Steve Carell, but also because it has a 93% Fresh rating on the critics’ Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes.
It really sounds like a delightful movie and I could use something superb after hearing about people getting together movie-going groups to see Snakes on a Plane. Not that I don’t think it seems like a great waste of time and brain cells, but there’s something I find disturbing about the fact that Wikipedia has more information available on this “film” than on the Epic of Gilgamesh, which I was researching for a paper earlier this evening. Or that you can have a pretty highly personalized message sent to a friend’s cell phone.

Okay, that’s actually pretty funny.


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