One More F- Up

I discovered something about the community college I'm taking courses with. They pride themselves on their “transition program.” Go from the two-year community college straight into your choice of a gazillion four-year institutions for a high-falutin' Bachelor's. Save money, don't worry about parking passes, take smaller classes with instructors who really care.

The thing I find interesting about this is the first part: how great their transition program is because it applies to everything; ISU, IUPUI, IU, Butler, U of I, Purdue, South Bend, Lafayette, Bloomington, Marion, Cincinnati, you name it . . . And yet every single one of their campuses (half a dozen off the top of my head) chooses whatever curriculum they please? I can't figure out how I can transfer credits from one world civilization course when the Indianapolis course uses one text, Bloomington has another, Richmond teaches with a third. Not to mention the fact that the Internet courses are often different from the on-campus courses.

How fucking difficult is it to just have an across-the-board curriculum for each branch of the institution?

I read my butt off the past two days, alternating between the horrifyingly long and dreadful Gilgamesh epic poem and the first chapter of my world civ book. (Meanwhile trying to balance work, cooking, dogs, house cleaning.) Upon completing both, and after finishing my math homework, but not before tackling ANY of my biology, I read through the questions the instructors had posted and sat back down with my printed questions, being all studious and prepared and shit. As I read the questions for history, I found myself confused. What the hell is this prof talking about? On page 13 so-and-so says what? There's no quote on page 13. So I pick up his syllabus again, only to discover that, yet again, I have been given incorrect information. The professor, based out of one campus, requires a specific textbook. I have the one listed on the bookstore web site and available on campus. Silly, silly me.

After getting my shit together I called bookstore after bookstore in town, including used bookstores. Oh, guess what? It's out of print. So then I started searching online and found the cheapest, closest copy somewhere in Indiana through Amazon. I then wrote the seller and begged him to send it as soon as possible. He said he'd mail it tomorrow since I paid for expedited shipping. I have a 300-500 word essay and a quiz due on the first chapter alone by Sunday evening.

I'll stop bitching to you about this and only say that I have learned something here. I shall apply it in the future so I don't find myself in this situation at the beginning of my final semester at this wonderful, wonderful institution.