Too Many Users Logged In

Today is officially the first day of fall semester classes. I don't have to be at work till later this afternoon and I'm only taking two courses on campus so I figured I'd use this morning to get acquainted with my remaining two online classes, figure out what rooms and buildings I needed to go to tomorrow, print out syllabi, all that good stuff. I've tried signing in to the online courses and nothing happens.
So I walked over to work and made myself a white chocolate mocha, came back, tried again. This time I got a message that “Too many users are logged in” and I should try again later. So I wasted some more time going through my “blog roll” and checking out the latest Hollywood gossip before returning, dutifully plunking out my student ID and password, only to receive a new message: “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact your system administrator.”

For one thing, I don't even know who the system administrator is. For another thing, I find it highly improbable that there are millions of students logging on to Ivy Tech's web site at 8am on a Monday morning. Then again, perhaps many more students take courses from home than I realize.

I have a feeling this is indicative of the next semester. If not the entire year. Since I'll finally be a junior in December and I'll be able to get more in financial aid, I considered returning to IUPUI in the spring rather than next fall. But, I figure, no matter what I'm getting more back by taking my courses at a community college and transferring the credits. It would be a major pain to adjust everything in just a couple of weeks before returning to IUPUI; transferring financial aid and credits before the semester was over, getting with an advisor and working under the assumption that I'll pass everything (they seem to enjoy jerking me around about that: “Well, this semester isn't technically over yet and a lot can happen . . .”), not to mention all the trips I'd have to make with no parking pass. I can't imagine that anything would get straightened out. Besides, IUPUI passes are now up to almost $70 per semester. SEVENTY BUCKS! Just to friggin' park.

So I'll probably just finish out the year here, possibly even take a summer class or two, and transfer back for all of my upper-level major courses.

Now. If only I could figure out what I definitely want to major in.


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