In a Tizzy

So I've already had to drop one class and register for another. My second level Spanish course is only offered at 5:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays or online, through Bloomington. I found out while I was printing out the syllabus that you have to come to their campus for five minute oral exams. F–k that. I immediately began searching for another course to fulfill an IUPUI gened requirement and enrolled in Western Civilization online.
Now I have to return my Spanish textbook ($130), which, by the way, was the wrong one – Bloomington uses a different book than Indy which makes total sense, get my history textbook, and also pick up the Literature book. I found out I do need it, but had thought I didn't, figuring I could just Google Beowulf or check things out at the library.

It was a frenzied evening when I got home from work, but for the most part it's all straightened out. I just have to find time to trade in the book and get my new ones at some point tomorrow.

I'm already finished with some of my homework, though. So, yeah. That's nice.


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