For the Third Time

I had the third person in just a few weeks compliment the color of my eyes on Wednesday. It's a strange compliment; I don't know how to respond so I just say “thank you.” It's one of those things that, although flattering that a person bothers to point it out, is totally out of my control. I used to think it was funny to tell people they should thank my parents, but it's really not that amusing and comes out sounding rude.
This time the girl asked what color they were. I floundered. I happen to firmly believe I have green eyes, but my driver's license says they're blue. So I said something stupid like “I think they're blue,” which just makes me sound like a bigger idiot.

It's a nicer compliment, though, than when people tell me they think I'm “pretty for a Jewish girl,” or “light-skinned for a Mexican.”


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