Terror Alert Level: Red

Have we even been in the blue/green shades in the past five years? We're now severely something or another. How much money do you think went into creating the terror alert chart? How many people worked on that, I wonder? How useful is it, really?

I have to admit that everything I hear with this administration I listen to with just one ear open.

British authorities have arrested 21 people who they believed were going to try and blow up 10 different airliners on their way to the US from the UK. They had some sort of liquid disguised as sodas and electronic devices.

Now all liquids and gels are banned as carry-ons. Baby formula and medicines are allowed, but they have to be inspected.

It's the US administration using words “sophisticated” to describe the plot, and calling it “suggestive of an Al-Qaeda plot.” But in the same breath we're told how “these arrests have significantly lowered the risk of a terror plot.” Then they turn around and tell us to be scared, anyway. Oh, but don't worry: airlines are safe. But not too safe. Don't be scared. But don't be too relaxed. Stay vigilant and report anything suspicious.

All in time for November elections. Except it was British authorities, not American, so am I horribly wrong to be cynical?


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