Not So Pissed

Okay, I've gotten some of the school issues resolved. I changed my Monday 8am biology course to Tuesdays and changed my second-year Spanish to online, so I'm only on campus twice a week. My Tuesdays will be from 9:30am-2:50pm which sort of sucks, but it's harder to get myself to go to class when I've only got the one math on Thursdays.
Either way I definitely need to be motivated; Literature won't be such a huge problem since, chances are, I've read all the material before anyway. My main concern is whether or not I have to take Spanish tests on campus. If this is the case I need to find out if I can take there here in Indy since my class technically is based out of Bloomington.

I had a dream last night that I received a $4,000 bill from the school for my courses and I was flipping out. I'm hell-bent on finishing every single general education requirement at the community college and have two more semesters before I transfer back to IUPUI (including this one). The main reason is that it's just cheaper. Why continue taking courses downtown when
I can (basically) take the same ones for almost a third of the price twenty blocks from here?

Now I just need to find a way to get all the correct textbooks at a reasonable price in the next week and a half.


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