One Thing After Another

Next semester is pissing me off already. I've bought five of the seven textbooks I need for just four classes, only to find out that none of them are the correct versions. Because the shitty community college I am attending – in an effort to save money and transfer credits back to IUPUI – is totally unorganized, I've ended up with all the wrong stuff.

I bought two books used off a girl from campus for $100 in cash only to discover she sold me way out-of-date copies. I bought the two algebra books they had at the bookstore (and I was thrilled because they were $50 and $11) only to discover the one I actually need is over $150.
Then I found out my Monday 8am biology course is only three credits, so it may not transfer correctly to IUPUI as my science-with-a-lab. Plus, the whopping ten minute break you get in between the lecture and the lab apparently has to include travel time between rooms because there are rooms on two floors listed online.

Now you can't smoke anywhere on campus so I can't even sneak a cigarette between 8am and noon on Mondays.
Then I discovered the Spanish department changed their policy of using the same books for both 101 and 102 to needing a new one for the second class.

Total wasted cost out of pocket: $167.
New cost for all new, updated books: somewhere around $400.
Total profit from selling wrong books at used bookstore: maybe $30.

Argh! What the f–k? Isn't this the entire reason I left IUPUI in the first place?

But this is the “real college experience,” right? This is what I wanted, right? I missed out on all that when I was eighteen, so I guess I'm making up for it now.


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