Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Cavan and I actually had a nice day today. I went to work at 6am and was off a little after 11 at which point Charlie left town for an away game somewhere in Kentucky(?). So Cavan and I went to the shitty $4.99 Chinese buffet up the street. Then we hung out at home and watched some TV. I offered to make breakfast for tomorrow and put it in the fridge so they could heat it up while I was at work. He was all for it so I went to the grocery and got stuff to make a hash brown/sausage/egg/cheese bake thing. I'm not sure what you'd call it. We taste-tested it, were satisfied, then ended up watching “V for Vendetta,” which I really enjoyed. I figured I would, I just hadn't got around to watching it yet.

FYI, usually when Charlie isn't home Cavan and I don't spend all that much time together. I don't know if it's because he doesn't like me, or he doesn't really feel comfortable around me, or maybe he has issues with women. I don't know. He just pretty much plays video games in his room all the time. We've never spent almost an entire day together like that.

So when the movie was over and he retired to his room for more PlayStation I signed on to where I quickly realized it already has my age set a year older than I am. Well, technically. My birthday is late next week so I didn't appreciate the premature arrival.

Then I fiddled around with my Web site and didn't get beyond adjusting the first page. I figure it's time for somewhat of a new look and I'm tired of the black background. I'd taken some photos of flowers I have on the porch and used that for image, then set the text and link colors to sort-of match the flowers and stems. For some reason it took a while and I still can't get the hover color to change. I got bored with it, slapped an “under construction” on top and closed the window.

I've been up since about five so I'm ready to crash.