For the first time in almost two weeks I woke up this morning and I wasn't in a puddle of my own sweat. I was actually kind of chilly and asked Charlie if he'd please turn the fan off oscillate since it was making me cold. That was really nice.
My walk to work for morning coffee was brisk enough that I considered going back in for a sweatshirt. I also got my paycheck. The bad news is that it's barely enough to cover what I'll have to pay the dentist today. I'm sure I'll get charged extra for having the crown placed. Four hundred dollars, total, just for work on a single, tiny tooth, and that's not even including what my own insurance paid. Sheesh.
I'm relieved to be just an hour away from my appointment to have the permanent crown placed.

Then it's time to find a new dentist who's covered under my insurance and start the whole deal over again on the bottom back molar.


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