When I used to actually work for Starbucks I had a really good employee discount (one place where Starbucks doesn't skimp is their benefits). Every once in a while I'd buy a four-pack of the DoubleShots on the cheap to have in the fridge on days when I didn't want to run out or nights when I wanted a quick jolt. They really didn't taste too bad.
Yesterday I thought I'd try their new “light” version. What I didn't realize is that it's made with Splenda, something I really don't like using because it's basically just bleached, chlorinated sugar. I know tons of people who love, love, love Splenda (“because it's made from real sugar”) but I don't personally like the stuff.
I didn't take a close look at the can when I bought the DoubleShot Light yesterday and it wasn't until I cracked it open this morning and tasted it that I realized something was awry.
Common sense would have told me if it's 45% fewer calories, they probably used a sugar substitute, but I just assumed it was skim milk instead of cream.
I was wrong. Yuck.


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