You know how most blogs have rules, one of which is usually “Don't post anything if you have nothing to say”? Well, today I really do have nothing to say. But that doesn't mean I can't type.
Yesterday was the second of three appointments dedicated to just one of my two necessary root canals. This time they drilled out most of the rest of the tooth, filled in a neighboring cavity, fitted me for the crown, and placed a temporary crown after removing the temporary filling. This time I only had my mouth jammed open for about an hour, about half the time it took for the actual rooting of the canal area.
And this time I really made the dentist mad. I heard her sigh very loudly at me several times. At one point she pulled my mouth open really hard with her hand around my chin, jerked it back and forth a few times before slamming it shut for me. She did this three different times! Apparently I wasn't “biting down” properly. I didn't know this before but I have a tendency to close my mouth first with my front teeth but, like most of the population, I have a slight overbite so my back teeth don't match up. This is what she wanted me to do: bite down on my molars as hard as I could. If she had explained this to me we wouldn't have had to get all frustrated now, would we? She also got mad at me because I, so it seems, move my tongue around a lot. I can't help it. I've got chunks of tooth trying to slide down my throat and a shitty flake of an assistant who isn't paying enough to attention to suck it out with her little sucky thing.

My lidocaine/novacaine/whatever it's called wore off before we were totally finished but I took the pain and didn't say anything when she was fitting me for the temporary silver crown. I really didn't want to have to wait any longer with my mouth hanging open. I'm paying for it today, though. I'm really sore and swollen – though I imagine I would have been anyway once the anaesthetic wore off – and can't speak very well. The temporary crown would be a perfect fit if my back molars actually matched the length of the rest of my teeth. However, they don't. They never fully grew in and are probably about an eighth of an inch shorter than the rest. Maybe that's an overestimate; I'm not positive what the length is. I'm sure you can imagine the discomfort when trying to eat as it bangs the bottom row. While you're trying to chew only on the right side of your mouth. And end up starving because all you can manage is cottage cheese, applesauce, and yogurt.

I'm so f-ing sick of going to the tooth doctor I could scream. And I know you're sick of reading about it.


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