I finally got Charlie in a pair of Crocs today. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods to find him a knee brace at his physical therapist's request and they had an entire wall of Crocs. A sea of them. It would have been awesome if a billion little Carmel housewives weren't gasping “Ooooh, Crocs!” every couple of minutes. I refuse to be included in that group because I don't wear the pink ones and way too many women in Indiana wear pink Crocs. I have two pair that I got last year, a black pair to wear to work – which I do religiously – and a green pair for jeans and whatnot. They're a little more expensive than the average everyday fun shoe (about $30) but definitely worth it and definitely less expensive than a lot of others I'd want (Steve Maddens being the most affordable, then you have your Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, Kate Spades, etc…).

So they had this new “Off Road” style I hadn't seen before that would be great for camping and taking the dogs for swims; flip-flops in all-new colors; and the pair Charlie eventually bought (I think they call the style “Scutes”), a men's slide-on sandal. I told him that after he wears then for a while he's going to want to get a pair he can wear when it's colder out, but he doesn't really believe me yet.

It's funny; when they first came out in this part of the US they had three styles: the beachy one with holes pictured above, the closed-toe one, and the thong sandal. Now they have dozens of them. They're really just a modern-looking way to be really comfortable, although, as with any trend, some people absolutely hate them. What bothers me is that they'll point them out on your feet, then boldly tell you how much they hate the shoe. Gee, thanks.


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