I Can’t Say No

Remember a few days ago, when I said I won’t cover anyone’s shift if I don’t want to? Well, today I pulled a two-fer: I was asked to come in for an hour because there was a mis-scheduling, which turned into two and a half hours. About an hour after leaving I got a phone call from my manager asking/begging/pleading/in tears if I could close. She obviously felt terrible about it, but I’d been there when John came in with a swollen, pink right eye and I knew immediately what was coming. I offered ahead of time to work tonight if she couldn’t find anyone else.

It turned out to be a longer-than-usual day, however. Besides being my day off, which turned into an eight hour shift, it’s also Wednesday: order day. So everything came in all at once, right at 5:30 when we had a line to the door for whatever reason.

To even things out a bit I took a rare step: I called a part-timer who’s in town for the summer and offered her my shift tomorrow morning. I’ve heard her say several times that she really, really needs money and she really, really only wants to work in the morning. Tomorrow would be ideal for her because she’d be with Matt and Annie, meaning she’d only have to split tips two ways. But she never answered her cell and never called back. I even overheard Matt calling her, asking if she would get back with him, personally.

Annie said at our next meeting she’s going to make a statement: if you ask someone to cover a shift for you, you really need to do the same for them. I told her I’d prefer it if she didn’t bring it up. Considering everyone knows me as The Girl Who Covers Shifts everyone will know she’s really saying “You should help Courtney out once in a while.” And I really don’t want to come off like I’ve complained to her about it, because I haven’t. Only to you.


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