Praying in Public

I learned two things about myself this morning on my daily pilgrimmage to the coffeeshop:
1.) When I see people praying in public I am as uncomfortable as I am when I see a woman nursing or a couple making out.
2.) I seem to think it's “more acceptable” for women to be religious than I do men.

There is a group of about three younger (thirty-ish) men who come in several mornings a week before they go to work. They meet at around 7am and spend an hour or so outside. One of them drinks coffee, but only decaf, the other two get water, diet root beer, or tea. They break out their bibles and pray, talk about Jesus, stuff like that. For some reason this strikes me as way more odd than it did to see a group of four young women praying outside this morning. I can't explain it, but my attitude toward the guys is “That's kinda creepy,” while my attitude toward the women is “Huh. That's kinda weird.” But still sort of creepy.

Either way you slice it both situations made me uncomfortable. I guess because I don't understand it and I have this general sensation of “Can't you keep that stuff at home/church?” My gut reaction was similar to walking in on a private, intimate situation. I don't like seeing people shoving their tongues down one another's throats in public and I also don't like seeing people praying over their cappuccinos. It just feels way too personal to do it in front of a bunch of strangers.

Some people might say I have a problem.


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