The Doormat

Okay, from now on when someone asks me to cover a shift and I don't want to do it I will say no. Repeat it with me . . .
Yesterday was my first day off since last Friday, which didn't really count since I had to go to the dentist and Charlie had a tattoo appointment and was gone for hours. I worked today 7-2 which was awful, I work tomorrow morning until noon, Friday I close, Saturday I have to go to this barista competition that I completely forgot about, I work Sunday until noon, and I think the rest of next week. I'm not really sure.
It's totally my fault. People keep asking me to work for them and I'm a total doormat about it. Stop it, stop it, stop it!

It's not so bad when you consider I get tips and a usual shift is only five or six hours, but it really sucks that it's been so slow — tips are small and my manager is pissy because someone's been stealing, first $5 here and there, then $20; the other day someone brazenly took $50 right out of the deposit bag when Annie wasn't looking.

I did a lot over the weekend, too: one cookout at Annie's sister's house; dinner and coffee with Jay & Scott; a cookout at Annie's house; then Charlie and I cooked out yesterday. Lots of hot dogs and veggies! It was nice to have invites to so many events, but, boy was I worn out.

I think it's time for a nap.


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