I just got back from Charlie's first game and I have three words: Pa – the – tic.
There were at least three times as many guys on their team as have ever bothered to show up to any practice. And because they don't go to practice they haven't payed their players' fees. And since they haven't paid the fees they had mismatched jerseys, pants, shoes, helmets, you name it. Also, since no one bothers to come to practice they were a mess on the field.
I felt really bad for Charlie because, to use a typical sports phrase, he's always out there, giving 110%. These guys just wanted to get in game time.
The other team was a lot better, way more coordinated, and scored three times before I left. They were also unnecessarily rough; Charlie twisted or sprained something right into the second quarter. After halftime we realized the coach wasn't going to put him back in and he took off his pads.
I think he's like some sort of defensive coordinator or team captain so he couldn't exactly leave once he was officially hurt, but since I was there to see him play and he wasn't playing anymore, I just sat through the end of the third quarter and left.
I made a stop at the pharmacy for some extra-strength Ibuprofen and icy/hot patches for him, though. I don't know if he hurt his knee, his ankle, or his foot, but I thought he could use something once he got home.

I know he's going to be in a really foul mood tonight and tomorrow, so if you think of it, it would be really nice to come to his next game. I'll update when I know the specific date. It was only $5 to get in, though I thought it was $7. Maybe it's less if you come a little late, as I was?


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