Sweating Like a Pig

I know pigs don't sweat, but I like the phrase. It's hot and I've kept the A/C off since it's been so nice at night. Unfortunately, the one fan downstairs isn't keeping me cool crammed into the spare bedroom up here. The only way I can connect to the Internet is if I [gasp!] plug a cable directly into the modem. Oh, the humanity! It's like I'm living in the dark ages!

Okay, I'm making fun of myself a bit. But part of getting student loans to buy a laptop with wireless capability was to, you know . . . use it. So it looks like I'm heading out to purchase a cheap – but not as cheap as the one that stopped working – router tomorrow.

I'm also dog-sitting for a friend and I am deeply regretting it. I love the friend and her dog's really not as bad as he could be (he doesn't bite or bark incessantly), but he makes my two dogs look like angels. Seriously. He paces constantly between all the rooms downstairs. You can hear it: tap, tap, tap, tap. Pause. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Then he'll chuff or bark when he hears me get up or open a door or the mailman or a light switch go on or a cat meow or a dog move or an ant . . . you get the idea. It's not perpetual barking, but the sound is at a very, very annoying pitch. He's smaller than my dogs, but he's louder and has an aggravating way of making noise that's unmatched so far by any canine I've met.
I knew he was going to be a handful, but I'd hoped that, after three days here, he would be more calm. He isn't. I've taken to closing off sections of the house with chairs in an attempt to keep him from pacing as much. I think he's used to both a really huge yard in which to run laps and an incredibly small kitchen in which he sits during the day. Other than that he goes for lots of car rides.
He is an incredibly energetic dog for his age (he's about 3 and still acts like a puppy) and my dogs and cats are just about done with him. One of the cats has started peeing in the tub because he's afraid to come downstairs.
So, yeah. I knew it'd be bad, just not quite like this. I'm wondering if I should tell my friend the truth (her dog needs serious direction and some kind of discipline besides a smack on the nose – oh, and by he way, he ran straight out into traffic twice in two days and took a full five minutes to catch because he thinks it's a game) or just be like “Oh, everything's fine!” Sigh.


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