Bits & Pieces

Our lovable heroin-addict-turned-methadone-addict-in-rehab at work is, apparently, gay. This came as a shock to me since he lives with his baby-mamma and their kid. I guess I made too many assumptions, despite him referring once to her as his “girlfriend.” Maybe he just meant friend-that's-a-girl.

I dropped my summer class due to lack of funds. I don't have the $450+ for the course and textbook, but they are charging me a $25 late fee for not paying the class on time. Gee, thanks.

I desperately want to shave my head but I am really, really trying to grow out my hair. This is the longest it's been in at least four years, but most people would probably still consider it very short.

I “broke up” with someone I've been friends with for almost ten years. The long and short of it is that I tried to contact him back in November and December to get his address for sending x-mas cards but he never wrote or called back. I remembered his birthday in March, but he never remembers mine. He only calls when he wants something. He's been calling lately and I haven't been good about returning his calls so I got this email (to my MySpace account – not even my home account!) about how he guesses we won't be friends anymore.
I wrote him back and said I didn't have the energy (in many more words).
After the Kate Debacle I'm determined to remove myself from – and avoid, if I can help it – toxic or unhealthy relationships.

I asked my manager for more hours at the coffeeshop and am considering trying to find a second part time job. The hardest part will be juggling the various hours at both places. We'll see if it happens. I might just be able to go full time at my current job.

I sometimes get not only songs and phrases from movies stuck in my head, but words, as well.

I don't know when it happened but at some point I realized I am a very beverage- and condiment-focused person. My refrigerator always has at least four or five different kinds of drinks (from wine to soda to tea to water to juices), and about a hundred sauces and condiments (I counted five different hot sauces, three mustards, two mayos, a ketchup, tapenade – is that a condiment? – a tube of some sort of basil concoction, and three jams, all without even having to look too hard). Is that weird?

I think my oldest pet is starting to lose some weight. He seems neither listless nor overly tired, so I'm not sure if he needs to go to the vet. But I can tell he's lost a pound or two and spends an inordinate amount of time in the litterbox. Every time I'm in the basement, he's in one of the cat boxes.

There are litterboxes for dogs now.

I usually work Wednesday mornings but next week I have to close. That means I have to put away the order. Is it odd that I'm concerned about this, 8 days in advance of it? I hate putting away our order. We get tons of 5-lb bags of coffee beans, all our cups and lids, every syrup and sweetener we use, and a bunch of crap I forget about.

Charlie's taking Friday off for a four-day weekend but he's offered to work that night at the bar. This makes me sad. But my friend Jess is having a martini party so I'm hoping to go to that. My only concern is not drinking too much so I can get myself home. If I had any friends left I'd see if they wanted to go, but I seem to have cut them all out of my life for being emotionally unhealthy for me.


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