The work week of hell is finally over and I decided to wait to post anything about the dentist so as not to further complicate my anxiety. I did have a little breakdown when she pulled out the needle, but I was okay. She really was gentle, unlike the doctor who shot me so hard it felt like he was stabbing my throat.
Still, it didn't feel good. I'm glad this part is over. I had two large cavities filled – the ones right in front. Pretty soon, when the feeling comes back into my lips and nose, I won't be ashamed to smile anymore. It's possible I'll still need a root canal and cap on that one but I guess we'll see how the cavity filler thingie holds up.

I was secretly hoping we'd get some of that done today, not just the deep cleaning or deep rooting or whatever the hell it was called. Thanks to my little happy pills, though, I couldn't drive myself home. Cavan's gone till Tuesday, Liz is at a conference, and everyone else is either at work and can't leave or lives too far. So, unfortunately, Charlie had to drive all the way out, sit for 30 minutes, then drive all the way back to work. I just took my car home. It wasn't that bad. Sort of like driving a little bit tipsy. I'm glad I didn't ride my bike, though, or it'd have been a mess. It didn't really hit me until I got hom that I was all hopped up on narcotics. Well, halcion. I don't really know what that is.

Time to lay down in the grass and enjoy the sunshine while my lips return to normal size.


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