Heavy Metal

After Scott told me that the Crate and Barrel leaning bookshelves looked kind of cheap once installed (which, of course, appear stunning in the catalogue), I tried to come up with a less expensive way to house all my books. I've probably cut my collection in half (or more) since I worked at the bookstore. I've moved so many times that when I start boxing up books I eventually haul one or two to sell.
I ended up going with a five-story chrome unit from Target for only fifty bucks, rather than the $300-500 I was going to spend on the leaning shelves.
Right now I have all the books pushed back to the wall to leave space for frames and my small collection of Chinese teapots, which are perched precariously on the top shelf. I think I'm going to need to come up with a creative way to balance them.

The metal storage was probably designed more for garages or basements, and would look pretty good in someone's swanky loft as a room divider, but I felt it created a good balance of feng shui-y type ch'i in the house. Right now we have all wood floors, coffee table, bookcases, entertainment center, and end tables. The dining table is a vintage green and chrome which sits right next to the new unit, so I was a little worried that there would be “too much” metal in the dining area.
But, hey, easily solved with a tablecloth, right?

I spend entirely too much time thinking about where I put stuff and not nearly enough time making money to organize myself. It just seems, at thirty, I should have stuff that “matches.” That's an existential dilemma I don't want to get into with myself right now.
I wouldn't really have the time since I worked every day this past week, from Sunday till last night, but was off today. My next day off is next Friday, which will be the beginning of my many dental appointments. I discovered that part of the reason they spaced out my dental work is to save me money, but also because my insurance will cover portions of it as long as I'm getting local, and not general anaesthetics.

I requested next Saturday and Sunday off, partially due to it being the weekend of the Broad Ripple Art Fair and wanting to make an annual pilgrimmage with Jay and Scott, but also because my parents have made tentative plans to drive down, see the house, and receive their anniversary/Mother's Day gifts. I suggested we also take them out for a post-anniversary lunch or brunch but haven't heard anything back. I need to check with Scott and Jay, though, to figure out which day they want to go to the Fair. I'd like to go out with them, but I also want to see my parents when it's convenient for them and they're willing to drive out.

So. Reminder to self.


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