Parking Issues

Okay. I know when you live in Indiana you're pretty much used to convenient driveways, cornfields, and just parking wherever in front of the house in the 'burbs. But at some point, when you make that transition to The Big City, or even on a college campus such as IU or Purdue, why is it people never learn how to parallel park?

Honestly, I have not lived anywhere in this city with off-street parking, and I have to share a street with people who don't know what the hell they're doing. It's not a girl problem; it's everyone. Right now, my car is parked on the corner, right before the driveway of our neighbors' house, where it generally stays since I drive least often and have the weirdest schedule. Approximately 6 feet in front of my car is the SUV of the woman who lives on the other side of our double. Six feet in front of her is her husband's car. If she just scooted her SUV up a bit there'd be enough space for someone to park between us. If he scooted his car back a bit there'd be space for a second car in front of him.

But no.

I mean, look, I understand if you're embarrassed that you can't do it well. But no one's looking — just get out and check. Does there appear to be a huge gap that could only fit another vehicle if airlifted into the space? Then get back in the car and put it in reverse for just a second. Better yet, if you're paranoid about worried about hitting the car, then go ahead and pull up just a tad.

See, now? That wasn't so difficult, was it?


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