Nightmares & Bologna

I woke up after about an hour of sleep last night from a horrible, scary dream. I can’t remember details other than something about a really evil, dead woman trying to kill me. Then something about her shadow coming up out of the floor and my trying to stomp on it with a high heeled shoe I had on, but I was unable to keep her from coming up from the floor. I woke up with a start, breathing really hard, and just about started crying.

I think it can be blamed on my awful dinner. Last night, Cavan went to his parents’ house and Charlie was at football practice until almost 9pm. When left to my own devices I rarely eat well. I don’t know why that is. When I lived by myself for that 6 or 9 months or whatever it was, I was constantly snacking on crackers, cheese, and olives. That was pretty much my diet. And Froot Loops. If I’m with other people I tend to eat more salads and cook more often, but I almost never cook for myself, even just a grilled cheese sandwich.

So I walked down to the corner grocery store and bought some expensive olive tapanade, a bag of garlic bagel chips, and an organic Jones peach red iced tea. I segued from the olive tapanade (it was way too oily for my taste) and the tea (it was sour and not at all like the crappy Lipton-chock-full-of-high-fructose-corn-syrup peach tea I like), and ended up eating the entire bag of bagel chips, plus two slices of bologna.

How disgusting is that? I ended up going to bed with a terrible stomach ache, to the point that I was considering trying to make myself throw up just to stop the pain. I felt nauseous anyway. But I fell asleep after all, only to wake up an hour later convinced I was going to be killed by an evil, dead woman.


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