I Wish

I wish I knew how to knit so I could do something with my hands when I'm bored. I feel like it'll be good when I – finally – quit smoking. So far it's taken me about 6 months to figure out how to “cast on” a stitch. Even then I'm not sure I'm doing it right. Maybe I'd be better at embroidery or cross-stitch or something else grandma-y.

I wish I didn't kill plants. I would love to have healthy, blooming plants all over my house. Currently I have two, one of which has struggled for about 6 years, coming close to death several times. The other I got from Charlie a few months ago and I can't believe it's still here. He said he asked the woman at the shop for something “really hard to kill.” I guess she gave him the right one.
There's a hook in my bedroom and several outside on the porch and I really like the look of ferns and ivy and other hanging plants. I'm considering a trip to get some today but I'm afraid it would be wasted money. Do I underwater, overwater, give too much sunlight, too little sunlight? I just never know.

I wish I didn't have to work on Sunday. I'd like not to have to work from 7am to 1pm tomorrow. Tips should be pretty good; it's just kind of a long day.

I wish I could magically have the money for my textbooks without having to go anywhere and sell them back. I've thought about going to a used bookstore rather than campus because I just don't want to mess with parking.

I wish my legs would shave themselves.


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