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I'm tired of thinking about the family so I'm going to tell you about my Spanish class.

Today was my “final exam” in the course. I use quotes because it was a joke. After listening to the last three students give their 5-10 minute reports on their namesakes from the Latino world, we also had to go through an aural section of the test where the instructor v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y read us an emotion and we had to associate it with the correct sentence. Not to mention the fact that she practically gave us the answers by translating all the sentences. I assumed the point was to pick out keywords we recognized and use what we've learned to guess. I was wrong.
The good news is, the first 30 minutes of class was spent just students giving reports. The last six or so minutes of that, I took the test. So I was out of my 9:30am class by 10:00.

A girl who sits next to me said she works with someone who'd seen her studying for the final. The friend has visited Spain and Mexico and took many years of Spanish. Seeing the old tests and homework, the co-worker asked if my classmate was an early education major.
“No,” she said. “This is for my class.” Judging by the material, my classmate's co-worker thought she was teaching Spanish to elementary students.
I got a kick out of this because I remember my first semester of Spanish in 7th grade being more involved. We were conjugating verbs, for Christ's sake – not just learning holidays, colors, and numbers.

It's an easy A but I don't know how much this will help me in future classes. I tested out of this course at IUPUI but thought perhaps that was a fluke and I should take it anyway, as a refresher. Obviously, my time and money was wasted. I can only assume that though this class transfers to IUPUI as Spanish 117, it has to be more complicated. So while I sound as if I'm bashing the instructor and trying to make myself out to be a genius, it concerns me that I'll end up behind when I go back to IU.

My third final is today at 12:30. This one I'm a little concerned about. It's for my Logic class, which I've thoroughly enjoyed, but there are a lot of terms to remember. We're allowed to bring a cheat sheet, but part of creating one is knowing what will be on the test that I can't recall off the top of my head. I went ahead and put just about everything I could think of on there, including examples of logical fallacies. Those I remember pretty well because, as we went over them in class, I thought of the types of arguments that I, Charlie, or even Kate used. She's queen of fallacies. It's entertaining when you think about it: while it was frustrating as hell to be part of them, her neuroses and, perhaps, unbeknownst adherence to textbook classifications have helped me in several courses, from Logic to criminal justice to psychology.


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