The Dog Whisperer

I was listening to Diane Rheem (sp?) on NPR today. I feel guilty listening to the station whenever they do a pledge drive because it always seems to come when I'm at my most poor. Of course I guess I can pledge to pay at a later date. But that's beside the point.

So Cesar Millan was talking about his new book and, unfortunately I wasn't able to listen to the entire interview. I was on my way back from Spanish class to eat, let out the dogs, clean a little bit, and go back to campus for my Logic class. So I only got to hear about the first 10 minutes or so.

What I did hear reaffirmed my belief that I know nothing about training dogs to live peacefully with people. Not that my dogs are aggressive, bite, or terrorize our cats. I just worry that I'm completely selfish by treating them like my kids. Cesar was saying there's nothing wrong with hugging and kissing a dog, that it's the American way. But where he comes from, and the way he was raised, the dog is first an animal, then their breed, then a name. To Americans, they're their name first, then the breed, then humans. We assign human emotions and qualities to creatures that aren't being properly cared for.

I feel like I need to read this book. If Cesar can rehabilitate aggressive dogs on the cusp of euthanasia, I think I can take my fat, lazy Lab and turn her into a more active and social animal that's living a happy and fulfilled doggie life.


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