Math & Crap

I found out that, during the move, I missed one of my online quizzes for my algebra course. I have another one that's due by this evening (I think they close the quizzes at 9pm or something). I haven't done any of the homework because I had everything packed up or the cable wasn't hooked up. There's been so much going on the past few days and now I'm totally behind in that class.
My friend Liz is taking the same course online and she has her boyfriend do her quizzes while she does the homework, sometimes with me, sometimes on her own, and the tests. I wish I had someone who could just take the quiz for me so I could get on with the homework. It's very time-consuming and I don't learn anything from them. There's just one every week or so.

I woke up early this morning, around 7. Well, that's early for me. I guess Charlie called in to work and he's still asleep. I can't decide what's more important: doing some math or going to my spanish class? I know I have a test today but the instructor will drop our two lowest test scores. I have only missed one question on one test thus far so I'm not too worried about it. But I know that if Charlie's home I'm not going to get enough homework done because I'll be distracted. I hate this.

The “good” news is if I fail the class I can take it again. The bad news is, I'm already registered for the next math course for the summer.

Oh, and the even better news is that the landlady gave us a post-dated check last night for our entire deposit. She kept the thirty bucks for our bar stools, saying we left some stuff in the garage. You know what it was? A $60 set of barely-used solar lights for the backyard. She charged us for leaving ten working solar lights for a yard with no light (we finally fixed the motion-sensor spotlight until she complained it was shining in her windows next door), on a street with no lamps. What a bitch. I knew it would be something, I just didn't think it would be that nit-picky.

I told Charlie last night that she could have at least charged us for something bad that we did. Like all the little hair-dye splotches on the bathroom carpet (which shouldn't be there in the first place – who has carpet in the bathroom? All it does is suck up moisture that can't go anywhere else because the bathroom has no ventilation at all), or the pencil marks on the walls downstairs where we put in screws for pictures. She could have charged us for the dogs' claw marks on the window sills, from when Alvy would jump up to bark at people. I did give it a cosmetic fix but you can still tell they're there.

Don't worry, I'm not bitching about the deposit. It's about two hundred more than I was counting on. It just seems silly to charge people for an improvement and not bother with the wear and tear they actually put on the house.


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