Real Drama

The drama is beginning again. This time, during a managers' meeting, our boss was told by the owner to fire our supervisor and employee of over five years, Chris, or she'd be fired, herself.

I don't even know what to think. The owner's claim was that, every time he comes in, Chris is shitty or in a bad mood, and that he was complaining to customers about our new pastries. I don't doubt this is true, but they seem to be going about things the wrong way. He's only ever been written up once. I don't know what Indiana law is, but every place I've ever worked has a three strikes rule: verbal warning, written warning, write-up and you're fired. They might have a problem on their hands if they're not following any sort of procedure.
Then again, if a customer really did complain to the office that he was bitching about our stuff instead of smiling about it and offering to make a new one, he could very well be fired on the spot.

The thing that sucks the most . . . well, there's two things: one, he's going to fired. He doesn't have a car or a license and I don't know where his wife works or how she gets there. They have three dogs to take care of. I mean, if they had kids I'd care about that too, but they don't have any kids. Just dogs. And I don't want their dogs to go hungry.
Second, Annie's going to be the one that has to fire him. Not the owners who have the problem, but her, personally. After all the stink and issues the two of them had a few months ago (or whenever it was) this is not going to bode well for their relationship or that of Annie's and Chris's wife. I think Chris's wife already wants to beat her up.
Kind of juvenile, yes, but it won't make her want to kick Annie's ass any less if Annie fires her husband.

Yipes. What a mess.

I'm kind of glad I didn't take that supervisory postion after all; then I'd have to pick up a large portion of Chris's hours. I don't know how Annie is going to fill the position if she has to fire him on the spot tomorrow.

In other news, I just sold my turntables, my mixer, some headphones, and all my LPs (about 65) to Matt from work. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I didn't break them out for several years then when I went to sell them last year I had a change of heart and tried to play some, but the receiver didn't mesh well with the turntable. So then they went back into hiding and I didn't take anything out again until we just moved last weekend. Now that I've helped load it all up into someone's car I feel sad again. And I'm only getting, like, thirty bucks for all of it. Sniff, sniff.


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