All I Talk About

I think even if I were wealthy I would still live in this house. I'd pay someone to get the paint off the windows so we wouldn't have to do it just to open them. I'd buy a really nice toilet paper holder for the half bath downstairs. I'd get a kick-ass rug for the living room, and have someone tear out all the crap in the backyard so we could use it for more than dogs pooping.
I'd spend my days shopping, decorating, and enjoying the house.

Except I know in a couple of weeks I'd be really bored. And if I had that much money, I'd have no need to rent, so I would just buy a house with walls I could paint any color. And I'd know that I wouldn't have to move in a year because I need a housemate to afford to live in this neighborhood. But I like having him around at times because he loves our dogs and he lets them out when we're not home.
So perhaps I'd pay him to live with us, like a nanny. That way he could schedule his classes however he wanted and we could take vacations knowing someone we trusted was with the dogs at all times.

I got a group of coupons in the mail from Wild Oats today. I never got anything like that at the last place. I would use them if Wild Oats wasn't Wildly Expensive.

The previous landlady swears it'll be sooner rather than later that we receive our deposit check. Charlie made her do a final walkthrough last night. She tried to weasel her way out of it, saying she was suffering from a car accident and whiplash and she couldn't make it at the scheduled time. So he said we could do it right then and there.
She laid it on pretty thick, sighing a lot, and dragging her ass around the house, “Okay. I'm here. Sigh. What do you need me to look at, now?”
But at least she did point out some things that we could clean up to ensure a larger return on our deposit. The place is about 87% better-looking than it was when we moved in, and the bathroom is the cleanest I've seen it since we first lived there in 2003. How she could possibly try to keep even a dollar is beyond me.
But that's what she does. She just works that way. If we get even 75% of the check I'll be happy. I just need some bookshelves.


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