97% Moved

Besides being in a quieter, nicer, safer neighborhood, in a larger, nicer home, my favorite thing so far about the new place is the fact that I'm on a secure network (thanks to Liz's boyfriend, Kyle, for setting it up) and it's fast. I'm twice as far from the router and modem on the porch than I was at the last place and I have a much stronger, faster signal that has yet to freeze up on me.

For the most part we're moved. We all agreed we don't want to move again for a while. But that doesn't mean Cavan's going to want to stick around after the lease is up. Charlie and I both said we would consider dropping out of school and working full time just to be able to afford to stay here. But your address isn't everything. I'm sure we'll find something we like as much this time next year.
Don't think about it.

We're supposed to have an Easter thing with my dad's family tomorrow but we also have a guy coming to clean the old place. (Not to mention the threat of even more hail, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms possibly putting a literal damper on the festivites/drive out there.)
Cavan's going to be at the old place painting the bathroom and we need to do a final walk-through with the landlady, begging for our deposit so I can get some bookshelves (she said if we left two that I'd refinished and painted, plus our handmade spice rack and display shelf – both very nice, if you ask me – she wouldn't charge us for having the carpets steam-cleaned). She also wants to buy our barstools and bamboo shades (about five bucks at Lowe's). So it bodes well for us that she's so pleased with the colors and decor of the house (she even listed it on CraigsList as “recently redecorated”), but right now every book, frame, photo, clock, and candle in the house is still pretty much boxed up. I haven't really got anywhere to put them.

What I'd really like is some leaning shelves from, say, Crate and Barrel, or wherever I can find them at a price I can afford. Which, right now, isn't going to happen.


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