Done, Not Done

Finished the play just moments ago. It ended up being about 5 pages but with everything double-spaced it's kind of hard to write anything in two to three pages. It was funny and you don't know what “The Patient” is getting done until the very end (of course, there are hints, but I used very vague dialogue). Thanks to Annnettte for the idea.

Now I have to polish up my Logic paper. I'm going the pro-right-to-die route. We can't use any sort of fallacies normally used in argument. It's difficult because there are about 25 that we've gone over in class.

Did you know Rush Limbaugh actually has a fallacy named after him? It's ridiculous that so many people would value the opinion of a man who is so well-known for using poor arguments and misdirection that he's actually created one that people recognize as new. Ugh.

I'll be glad to finish this semester. I'm registered for a summer class which isn't too thrilling. It's actually college level algebra. It's taken me two semesters to get to this point and I'll still have two more math classes after that. But at least I'm almost halfway done. To get all of my general education credits I'll need to take a math, a science, a history, and a foreign language again in the fall and spring. So I guess those schedules are already pretty much worked out. No electives or fun stuff for me.

Only three days until Moving Day. And I haven't cracked open a single box since Sunday. I'm pathetic. I have a 6-hour shift today and a 5-hour tomorrow. I'm glad I don't have to be there all day, but it's so difficult to get motivated when you're sick. Especially considering all of the homework I have due next week. We picked a bad time to move.


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