Ssshhhhh . . .

Just between you and me I think this infection is going to linger for a while. I haven't really recovered and I work the next four days, plus I have to continue to pack, clean, pack, and clean.
I don't think I'll be getting it over it any time soon. This royally pisses me off because I hate being sick, especially now, when every weekend in April is booked with some plans or other.

No, seriously. This weekend is moving, plus Easter, and my dad's mom is having people over on Sunday at 1pm. Gotta squeeze that in since I haven't seen anyone since Christmas, but it's also the last day we have to do any cleaning at the current rental. The following weekend my friend Jennifer is in town from Florida, house-hunting. Hopefully she finds something and moves back this summer. That Sunday is my follow-up barista competition. It's three of us versus the winners from our other four locations. Fast-forward to the weekend of the 29th; my friend Julie will be celebrating a certain newfound freedom and wants to get together. There's something else on the dry-erase board for that weekend but I forget now what it is.

The good news is, although totally unrelated, that it's another beautiful day. The heat is officially off (and I hope it stays that way), the windows are open, and I'm able to sit on the porch in the sun. Ahhhh.

The new place is facing in a completely different direction so we won't get any direct sunlight on the front or back of the house. This makes me kind of sad. Maybe it'll cut down on air conditioning, but it'll definitely be bad in the winter when you want to open the blinds and try and warm things up a bit.

Even though both places are doubles, this one faces east and west, so we get a lot of sun. The other place is south and north, and our side of the double is on the west side of the home with a large two-story place next door, which blocks a lot of the afternoon sun.
That means the backyard will always be sort of dark, and the side yard where the dogs will spend most of their time has only some ground cover and I won't be able to plant anything.
But that's okay. I'm trying to think of this next place as temporary. I don't want to paint (despite the fact that the landlord just had all the rooms painted a “neutral tone,” it turned out to be less of a tan/taupe/almond color and more of a peach, which I find horrifying), I don't want to “make it my own,” I only want it to be a nice place to live for a year or so.
There is the possibility, however, that Cavan won't graduate in May, that he'll have to take summer classes starting next month and the following May, just to graduate in August. I don't think he's registered for any classes.
If this is true, then he might not move out until something like January of 2007. If that's the case, he may as well stay on for two years so we can enjoy the house, paint some rooms when we feel like (they said it was okay as long as they're lighter colors that can be easily covered).

That makes me think about my school and possible graduation date, and I start to get sad again. It will take him over five years (maybe 5 1/2 since I'm not sure when he started) to get his Bachelor's, and that's with loading up on 5 and 6 courses the last three semesters.
I've been taking only 4 or 5 (the fifth always being a one-credit or accounting for a four-credit course) classes the past two years, so I'm, once again, feeling discouraged about my degree. I should just relax and enjoy being in school, but it's hard when there isn't any end in sight.

Someone keeps calling my cell from an “Unknown” number and they aren't leaving me any messages. I just got the fifth call from them in two days. This is really irritating. If it's you, just leave a message and stop blocking your number.


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