None the Wiser

In three short days I'll be less of a woman than I am right now.
Number 17 and number 32 are being permanently removed.

Those are my wisdom teeth, by the way, if I'm remembering correctly what the oral surgeon called them.

I'm petrified. So much so that I've had some gastrointestinal problems since yesterday morning before my appointment. I won't go into any details other than that the idea of having needles and scalpels in my mouth causes great anxiety.

However, I'm really glad that I'm going and that Annie is making me go. Okay, it doesn't hurt that it's her father and there's some hope that he'll hook me up with a discount and payment plan. There's even a possibility he might do it all for free and just write it off. From what I understand, her family can afford to write off two little wisdom teeth.

I wish I could show you a copy of the x-ray. It was funny; when I looked at it, I assumed it was backwards because one tooth coming in completely and totally sideways and it's the left side of my mouth that's been causing so much trouble for so long. Turns out that one's not bothering me at all, but the one on the left, although it looks relatively straight, is creating a little pocket for food and bacteria to get stuck. Apparently I've had a low-grade infection for a while. He prescribed me some antibiotics, told me to take 800mg of ibuprofen three or so times a day, and sent me on my way with a 2:30 appointment on Friday to cut the suckers out.

After avoiding any sort of dental work for years, this is a major step for me. I'm trying to take it one thing at a time so as not to get too overwhelmed, but it seems the health ball has already gotten rolling. I think I've been to see doctors of some sort or another more times since my birthday last August than I have in the previous 10 years.
There are so many little problems right now in my body that it's difficult to know where to begin. The teeth definitely must be taken care of. My next appointment with the allergist isn't until June at which point I assume I'll be a sneezing, itching mess, but hopefully they can find a way to resolve the sinus situation beyond just a Claritin and steroids that I don't want to shove up my nose. I haven't been keeping up on the nasal spray because I don't like doing it. It feels and tastes really unpleasant and doesn't seem to improve matters much.

I'm just hoping things change with a move to a place sans mold, mildew, carpet, and a ton of dust.


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