More Nonsense

I wanted to complain some more in my last entry but I'd gone on so long I thought it was only fair to start a new entry.

The next two weeks are going to blow thoroughly. I'm scheduled 30 hours this week and working Monday through Friday. I have two noon-to-close shifts which also stinks. It's been pretty slow at work due to parents taking their kids out of town for spring break, so that'll be a really, really long eight hours. I missed both my classes yesterday because the oral surgeon only does consultations on Tuesdays. But I forgot to get a signed excuse from him. Ooops. I even wrote both my instructors and told them I'd bring one. I absolutely have to go to the rest of my classes, which is why I chose to try and find someone to cover for me at work Friday; so I'd have two days to recuperate (well, except I have to work Sunday morning). Next week I'm working another five days, but I'm only getting 23 hours.
I also have a math quiz due this week (I'm just going to have to do it right now), and a test next week in three different classes.


I'm trying to find time in between working and doctors to just pack. Yesterday I think I filled a dozen boxes but you wouldn't really know it. It was all in the dining area, books and my Matrix and Charlie's McFarlane football figurines. There are still books on shelves so it's kind of unnerving to have done that much and not made much of a difference.
As with anything unpleasant, though, I'll just have to bear down and get it done. No one else is going to do any of it because there's an unspoken understanding that Cavan only has to move his own stuff, and Charlie and I have an agreement that I'll do the packing and set-up if he does the physical moving.

We're also still dealing with the current landlady as far as how we're going to get our deposit returned. She claims she's an “honest and fair landlord” who's only ever been shit upon by other people. We clearly remember being charged for cleaning she claimed we didn't do the last time we moved out of here (she charges $15 an hour, by the way, and claimed to be here for over six hours, so we lost over $100 right there). Then she charged us for a portion of her twenty-year-old carpet that started coming up. Although we fixed it, she claimed she needed a professional to glue it down. There was another $200. Then she said the carpets weren't steam-cleaned. Add $120. The list goes on.
Basically, she's cheap. The easiest thing to do would be to turn over the new tenants' deposit to us. Instead she'll just bide her time and make excuses to do any sort of walk-through because that way, she can avoid being pinned down to a definitive set of repairs. Ugh.


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