New House, Old Girlfriend

I had a dream last night that the current tenant at our new place refused to move out. We kept driving by and finding all of his stuff still inside, even after his lease was up. I got a key and started hiding in the house, trying to find a way to get him to leave, when I realized it wasn't the guy we'd thought was living there; the resident was actually Charlie's ex-girlfriend. I didn't want to tell him this because I was afraid they would start dating again and not tell me about it.

In real life, I drive by the house probably three times a week, just reminding myself that I'm actually going to live in that neighborhood and be just two blocks from work. I'm looking forward to the idea of walking to work, except, perhaps, when there's a lot of snow or rain.
I have begun to collect boxes, newspapers for packing, and I even got a nice tape gun for putting the boxes together. I haven't decided when I actually want to pack. I'm generally premature in that respect and we end up shifting them around and pawing through them to find things that I didn't think we'd need. The truth of the matter is, I suddenly hate moving very much. Now that I actually “own” things and have my own furniture, the idea of picking it all up and setting it down somewhere else, no matter how close, irritates me.
As I've said before, the worst part is that we're going to have to do it all again when Cavan graduates. I have toyed with the idea of moving back to the west side because it's cheaper and everything is right where you need it: grocery stores, shopping, movie theatres, restaurants. But it's completely devoid of any personality. Living on the north side, at least there's some diversity and a Jamaican restaurant. In the 'burbs you're lucky to find a Mexican place that isn't Taco Bell. Maybe things are changing, I don't know. Plainfield did just get a big open-air mall, but is that something upon which to base your residency? I hope I'm not becoming that boring.

I think we'd all like to stay on this side of town if we're going to live in Indiana, regardless of whether or not we're all housemates in a year. There just isn't anywhere else to go.


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