Snow Day

Regardless of the fact that it will be in the 50s this time next week, or the fact that it was almost 70 a week ago, I can’t get to class. With bald tires and 4 inches of slushy snow, plus “freezing fog” and 20-mile-an-hour traffic, I’m just saying screw it.
Charlie took a snow day too. Maybe we can dig out his car from the garage (the alley to our garage has absolutely no salt or plowing action) and go to the movies or something.

In other news, did I tell you we signed a lease on the new place? It still hasn’t quite hit me that I’m going to be moving again. I know it’s happening, it just hasn’t fully registered because I haven’t opened a single box yet. Maybe I’ll start packing two weeks before we move. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do, but I hate living with boxes.
We definitely need to get some more paint mixed so we can fill in the holes from our picture frames. They’re all concrete screws with anchors because, well, the wall between us and the other side of the double is concrete. Makes sense. Lowe’s, here I come!

Cavan’s taking the bigger bedroom with the sunroom and large closet at the new place. He needs it for all his video game and computer crap, but it kind of sucks. We have to take the tiniest bedroom. Oh, well. I don’t do anything in there but sleep, anyway. I just know I’ll have to do some major wardrobe shifting and thinning out to make my clothes and shoes fit. I’ll probably have to use the closet in the spare bedroom. Which will become Charlie’s video game room. At least I can have the breakfast nook off the kitcen as my own office.

Sunday we’re driving up to Noblesville to pay for and pick up a kitchen island I’m buying from a woman on CraigsList. It’s nice, with a marble top, but no wheels. I think we might add some so we can cart it around the kitchen. there’s a bit of dead space next to the stove that currently houses a hideously ugly four-foot-long-or-so table that has to go. It provides more storage, I guess, but when we looked at the place a couple of weeks ago, we all agreed the table will live in the basement once we move in. Maybe for folding clothes.

I think I’ll take a shower.


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