Varying Shades

I just realized that I have been dyeing my hair various shades of blonde for almost one year now. That's a freaking record for me. Usually it's blonde for about two months before I get sick of it. Now I can't imagine going back to a dark shade.

We just spent 30 minutes tooling around at work while I made drinks and our landlady showed the house. They were gone when we got back but their car is still here. I'm assuming she's boring them silly with pointless details. They either want to rent it or they don't. I hate thinking about how much time I'll lose when I see her head bobbing over here. It's literally at least one hour of your day, not to mention all the times she just “pops in” to ask a question or advice about something or go on about her health problems.

I've also realized that I almost no immune system right now. Yesterday morning I got in the middle of a dog fight. The neighbor had her pooches in the backyard and I didn't realize it. In the mad rush to get ours out of the yard before there was a massive bloodbath, someone bit me. I think it was Alvy. Within a matter of a couple of hours the bite was infected. Even after I washed it out with antibacterial soap and slathered on neosporin. Today it's all white and the skin around the cut is swollen and red. Yuck! What the f–k is wrong with my body?

Stupid mold.


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