Note to Self: You Live in Indiana

Put away the skirts and sandals. It may have been 72 degrees yesterday but it's 29 now with a windchill factor of 16.

The only bad thing about working for a really small company, besides not getting very good benefits, is that you have to deal with the owners on a day-to-day basis. This wouldn't be a big deal if ours weren't bothered by really petty details.
Long story short: after Annie came in to close for Toby because he went home sick, we had a very short meeting. She didn't have an opportunity to print out all of her paperwork because her printer at home wasn't working, so she just went over the top issues: we have new drinks. Do you know how to make them? Do you know how to ring them up? Make sure you grind a half-brew of Colombian for iced coffee. Go make your three drinks for the barista competition. Okay, you can leave.

Apparently, only one person was upset about this lack-of-a-meeting. That person, Regina, just so happens to live with the owners because she's a transplant from Brazil who worked as their translator at one point. Annie got chewed out several times yesterday – once over the phone in the morning, when she was told to apologize to Regina – and once again at the managers' meeting in the afternoon.

I'm not sure how this kind of attention to detail makes a successful company, but our owners seem to pride themselves on it. I don't know if Regina is a “double agent,” reporting back to them after she works on the things she sees at the store, but it would be pretty shitty.

I seem to get lucky. I always get jobs with companies that are doing relatively well, but I apply at the “best” of the region's locations. It was like that at Starbucks, at the bookstore, and now here. Our other couple of stores do okay, but my particular location sells the most mugs, the most beans, does the most business, and makes the most money for the company.
Whatever it is we're doing, it's working, so it would really only lower morale to know you were being watched all the time. If the owners are so curious, perhaps they could come in and work for a few days, just to see what happens?


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