Time to Make the Espresso

I was not looking forward to my meeting this afternoon considering it was set for the very middle of the day. We were supposed to arrive around three in the afternoon to start the “barista competition.” After thirty minutes everyone should have had an opportunity to compete at which point we would begin the meeting. I was told it would last “about an hour” which is what they say about every meeting, which ends up lasting one and a half to two hours.
I'd put together my feta and sun-dried tomato burgers, put them in the fridge, and headed over to the store.
Lucky for me, one of our supervisors had gone home sick and Annie, the manager, had come in to clos for him. Unlucky for her it was a busy day and they didn't get started on their closing crap until almost 2:30. I ended up sweeping and mopping the store, cleaning the bathrooms, and wiping down tables. LP was the second to arrive so we took turns “competing” to make the best drinks. I got to go first. Our trainer, Katie, tested the drinks and told me how they were. I'd forgotten to pour the single espresso directly into the demitasse. Instead I'd poured it into a transfer pitcher and (as the name suggests) transferred it into the cup for tasting.
My cappuccino was, apparently, “flawless,” and my third drink (my choice) was a 20 ounce iced half-caf vanilla americano with a shot of half-and-half.
Because I wanted to take it home.
Kate asked me in I would like to be a part of a nerdy barista competition. The kind that has state, regional, and nationals. That would be hilarious, as well as fun. I told her, sure, I would.
This year, she said, the nationals are in Charlotte. I hope if we start something like this there would be a competition in the coffee capital of the US. Free trip to Seattle, anyone?


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