Look! This is me being positive.

What a wonderful day.

No, seriously.

The second time in one week that I've been able to open windows.
The first day all year where I can smell my neighbors cooking out while people stand on their patios and have a beer. The first time in months (despite the oddly warm weather this winter) I've sat outside without a sweater on.
It was really beautiful once the sun came out and it stopped raining.

We ordered a pizza after running around, Targeting, looking at rentals, and doing housework. I even rolled up the rugs and not only swept under them, but mopped and polished the hardwoods. I even went so far as to move furniture and clean under it. When I wasn't working at a place where all I do is sweep, mop, and dust, I was a much better Suzy Homemaker.
I do wish it were warm enough to enjoy dinner outside, but that'll be here soon enough. Charlie's on his way home with Some Guys right now with a delicious feta and something-else-I-forget pizza.

I saw Evil Former Housemate Kate today. This would be the first time I've seen her in person in almost one year. We were driving north as she was stopped at a light traveling south. At first I thought “Oh, funny, a white car just like Kate's.” When I got a better look I realized it actually was her. The weird part is that, unlike when I usually see someone I don't want to see, my stomach didn't flutter with anxiety. It was more like a statement. “There's Kate driving past us, pretending she didn't just see us across the street from her.”

Still, more power to her. I hope things are going well and she hasn't already given up on whatever it is she's doing now. (Hiss, hiss. Kitty likes to scratch.)

I'm just happy I have a clean house and I got to enjoy such a beautiful day.


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