Surprise, Surprise

I received an email response from that girl this afternoon – the girl I was referring to in my last post.

The most surprising thing wasn't that she didn't call me names or tell me to f- off or say she never wants to hear from me — it was that she said she'd like to connect with me on an adult level and be friendly. She actually apologized for all that shit ten years ago.

It's a tremendous weight off my shoulders.

I don't know that we'll be bestest friends, but I think we have some things in common that could make us comofortable acquaintances. One thing I found odd was that, after two or three emails exchanged, I discovered she was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Pretty much ready to pop. And yet she had been asking if I'd like to get together soon. I felt as if I had walked in on some really intimate moment in someone else's life and I felt ashamed for being selfish, trying to smooth old, rough waters and ease my own conscience.

I did offer, once she's had the kid and things have calmed down, to take her for coffee, a drink, baby booties, whatever. It feels strange, foreign, new, weird. But I feel really good about making amends. It remains to be seen what she's like, but I think it's worth giving a shot.


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