The mold-slash-moving-slash-allergy situation is out of control.
The rental search has to come to an almost dead stop.
Even Cavan’s mom is trying to find a place for us.
Our landlord spent two hours over here yesterday trying to talk me into trying her homeopathic remedies rather than moving out.
I still have an appointment with the allergist on Monday. I just don’t where his office happens to be.
We found a place that sounds really promising but we have to wait until Saturday to look at it. Based on the area and the rent, it sounds way too good to be true. I’m reserving judgment until I see it.
I guess my dad’s really sick with some sort of infection. My mom said in the 34+ years they’ve been married she’s only ever seen him sick like this two or three times.
My uncle passed away on Thursday. My mom found out at the funeral that he has another son who’s my age. No one knew about him.
A woman who comes in to the coffeehouse all the time is trying to sell me her natural cleaning products. She made an appointment Wednesday to go over it with me. I don’t want to have someone try and sell me a bunch of stuff that I can’t afford.
I haven’t been updating my journal.
I haven’t been doing my homework.
I’ve skipped class several times already this semester.
I just feel so awful all the time.


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